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How old am I ? - He's just this guy, you know.

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September 17th, 2004

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01:18 am - How old am I ?
Somewhere (probably on LJ), I saw a link to a "RealAge" test, which supposedly works out your "true" age after asking you a bunch of questions about your health and lifestyle.

The content of the test, though, is something like this :

Tell us about your height, weight, blood pressure, age.

By the way, would you like us to spam you send you information about our products ?

Ok, now tell us about your medical history.

Sure you don't want us to spam you ? Just a little bit ?

Now a bit about lifestyle, transport use, drug/alcohol/tobacco use.

Please ? You'll barely notice the spam ?

Ok, nevermind. So, tell us about your diet.

Pretty please ? With sugar on top ?

Ok, moving right along. Here are your results ! Yay ! You're young.

Very well then. No spam.
Hey, want to send us lots of money for our medical advice ?
Hey, want to send us lots of money for our nutrition advice ?
Hey, want to send us lots of money for our exercise advice ?

... and so on. Oh well, I'm sure lots of people will sign up for it, and good luck to them (and their mail filters).
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(En garde !)

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