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More fencing ...

Last night, rwrylsin and I went for a little drive, to Edinburgh, despite cold and wind and rain, in search of the Edinburgh Fencing Club.
We found it.
And then we fenced - there were about 8 or 9 sabreurs there for rwrylsin to fence, and a couple of epeeists at first, but more kept turning up or finishing lessons as the night went on. I ended up completing 8 15-hit bouts, one 10-hit bout, and was 7-13 down in a final bout when we reached kicking-out-of-hall time. All in all, I was fencing reasonably well, and managing to concentrate and get vital hits when required (e.g., in one bout I had been down a couple of points most of the bout, then finally equalised at 10-all, only to lose a couple of points again, then work back up to 13-all, then managed to take the final two hits).
Now we have to work out how often we can afford (in time and money) to go there - it's about two hours of driving for around two hours of fencing, and the club charges per session. Maybe fortnightly for now, and a little more often as we get nearer some of the big competitions.

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