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Quick question about a word.

I'm having a little discussion in rasseff1 about the word "entree", and its usage in the UK and the USA.

Poll #365525 All about entrees

Which phase of a meal is an "entree" for you, and where do you live ?

Appetizer, and I live in the USA.
Appetizer, and I live in the UK.
Appetizer, and I live somewhere else.
Main Course, and I live in the USA.
Main Course, and I live in the UK.
Main Course, and I live somewhere else.
Smething else, which I may explain in a comment.
These quizzes are making me thirsty.

[1] rasseff is rec.arts.sf.fandom, a Usenet group for general discussion by fans, about ... well, just about anything. There's a reason that the acronym AKICIF (All Knowledge Is Contained In Fandom) exists.

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