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Gym geekery ...

As mentioned a few times in earlier entries, rwrylsin and I have joined a local gym and we've been going fairly regularly. A week or so after joining, we got some time with one of the personal trainers there, and got a custom program set up for us. After 12 sessions of the program, we'd get reassessed and get a new program set. My first program involved 20 or so minutes of cardio work, then working on 6 different resistance machines (standard Nautilus types) - three working on upper body, three on legs. Over the 12 sessions, I made some improvements on each machine (struggled the most with the overhead press and bench press, probably 'cos I spend far too much time lazing around in front of computers). On Monday last week I went in and got a new program, and it's changed quite a bit - 30 minutes of cardio, and I use one machine (although I use it for two exercises, to work adductors and abductors in my legs), and the rest are done with free weights of some sort. I'm now doing three sets of 15 reps instead of two sets, so it's not too surprising that I'm using lighter weights to start with than I was using on the machines. Still, I've survived the first few sessions and none of my muscles have exploded yet, so I guess that's a good sign.
With luck, the improved strength and fitness should filter through to my fencing.

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