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For a while, the metal strap on my watch has had an occasional problem where a pin holding the links together would come out, either partly or wholly, and the links would come apart. (This may have something to do with my habit of shoving my watch in my pocket a lot of the time, since I got used to not having a watch on my wrist some years ago and it gets a little uncomfortable after a while). Finally, the inevitable happened, and a pin came out and I couldn't find it, so I went to a watch repair shop today to get it fixed. The paraphrased version of the conversation went something like this :

David: Hello, I'd like to get my watch strap fixed, it looks like it needs a new pin

Watch Repairer : I won't put a new pin in it, it must be done properly. I could rivet it for you, though, for $COST.

David: ... (thinking)

Watch Repairer : This is a nice watch. You should take better care of it - polish it from time to time, and every now and then clean the dead skin out of the back of the strap.

David: ... (smiling and nodding)

Repairer: I only do repairs if I can do them properly, you know. What would you like to do ?

David: (smiling) Go ahead and rivet it ...

Repairer: Good, I'll see if I can do it today, otherwise next Monday.

(David leaves, still smiling)

Actually, that's really badly paraphrased, I just have no exact memory for converations - possibly one reason I prefer to use e-mail to communicate.
Anyway, I was amused by the exchange, it sounded like a very sys-adminnish attiude to watch-repairing to me ...

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