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Something like an update.

Ok, this is the update which isn't a proper update, because ... well, I'm not sure why, I haven't felt very livejournally for the last week or so.

In brief : London (last weekend) was cool. British Museum was very cool, and very big. We saw maybe a fifth of the exhibits in 6ish hours there. Highlight for me was the Rosetta Stone. That's ... the Rosetta Stone. Very cool !

I'm now thinking that we should take the train next time we want to go to London. It will cost about the same as the car parking plus flying plus bus travel, but it'll be much less stressful (well, should be), and as a bonus, we'll be able to spend more time reading (and dozing :-) ).

Fitness : The gym has updated all their cardio machines. Unfortunately, the saddles on the new exercise bikes are even wider and more uncomfortable than the old ones, which is quite a feat. If they're really expecting people to spin at high rpm on those things, they really need to get narrower racing-type saddles. Also, the built-in heart rate monitor is not very accurate, unfortunately. I'm half tempted to buy my own heart rate thingy.

Weather : Last week we were enveloped by fog for two whole days, and the temperature hovered around zero. When walking outside, the chill in the air reminded me of being at an ice-skating rink - because in the parts of Australia I've lived in, the actual outdoor temperature (almost) never gets that low in daytime. Still no snow here (that is, none has actually fallen while I've been outside, and I haven't seen any on the ground outside - I believe some parts of Glasgow got a dusting recently).

Life : Overall, not too bad.

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