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I'm afraid this is something of a meme. Normal content will resume later.

20 Years Ago, I ...
1. Was living in Adelaide.
2. Had had a computer for almost 2 years.
3. Had been wearing braces for most of a year, while starting to learn to play the flute (this means "ow!").

15 Years Ago, I . . .
1. Was still living in Adelaide, with my parents.
2. Was in my second year of university.
3. Had just met the first few of a group of people who were to become very important to me.

10 Years Ago, I . . .
1. Was still living in Adelaide, with my parents.
2. Was working at Adelaide Uni instead of studying there. Well, I was studying a bit too.
3. Had just received written notification of the termination of our relationship by my girlfriend of five months (errr, she dumped me, that is, by letter).

5 Years Ago, I . . .
1. Had left parents and Adelaide behind, and was living with rwyrlsin in Melbourne.
2. Had recently been to Aussiecon Three (the 57th Worldcon), in Melbourne.
3. Was working on the 21st floor of a city centre building, for a bank.

3 Years Ago, I . . .
1. Was still in Melbourne, but at a different address (still with rwrylsin for 74 days.
2. Was still in Melbourne, at yet another address.
3. Was starting to think about contemplating the start of planning for the Big Move.

So far this year, I . . .
1. Have moved from Australia to Scotland.
2. Have seen lots of castles and lovely Scottish countryside.
3. Have been in fencing competitions on two continents.

Yesterday, I . . .
1. Had a fairly lazy day.
2. Watched some Time Team.
3. Played Icewind Dale II on my computer for a while.

Today, I . . .
1. Picked up some mail, and was home to sign for rwrylsin's new iMac.
2. Went to fencing.
3. Had ice-cream, yum !

Tomorrow, I . . .
1. Must find a Firewire cable for rwrylsin.
2. Will probably spend more time reading LJ.
3. Might watch some DVDs.


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