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Hair !

Be afraid. For possibly the first time ever, I think I've noticed a fashion trend.
Around here, at least, women's hair has gone Straight. Dead straight - not a curl, wave or perm to be seen. A few weeks back, we were out with the fencing club bunch (at a pub, of course), and a group of 10-12 women came in wearing Saturday-night-going-out clothes, and every one of them had loose, straight hair. While out on NYE a large number of the women I saw, possibly the majority of them, had straight hair. Straight hair, but never longer than shoulder length - perhaps a legacy of following previous hair trends ?
On TV, too, there are ads for shampoos which supposedly leave your hair straight, and if your hair is too non-conformist for the shampoo, electrically heated hair-squishingstraightening gadgets.
Meanwhile, rwrylsin has never had her hair cut, and her hair is blonde, straight, and below-waist-length. She's accidentally trendy :-)

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