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Three times is definitely not a coincidence ...

Recently, I expressed my amazement at the faulty mathematics in an ad.

Amazingly, another company has been advertising their January sales lately, with the same "Half price, then a further 10% off" line[1], and the same dismal grasp of simple arithmetic ! They list three prices on screen for a kitchen - £3259, £1959, and £1759 [2]. I see no combination of 50% and 10% reductions that can connect those numbers. Gah !

Meanwhile, with the new year has come a rash of ads promoting the first parts of various weekly collectable series which teach you to draw or let you build a radio-controlled car or the Cutty Sark or suchlike. At least two of these series have 100 parts, at a regular price of £5 or £6. So, for the low, low price of £500 or £600 ... you can try to cobble together the model, assuming you don't miss any parts. A model that couldn't possibly cost more than £100 in one go from a model shop (even there, I'm erring on the side of caution, and I'm fairly sure they'd actually be under £50). Yet, you imagine that they must get suckers customers for these things. Who ? Who are these people who'd prefer to spend £500 rather than under £100 for the same thing ?

. o O (and what have I got that I can sell to them ? Must be a way to make a profit here :-) )

[1] Yup, once again, us poor viewers can't handle such difficult concepts as ... 60% off. It's just too hard for our poor little brains.

[2] The "59"s in those prices could well be 79s or 69s or 99s, two of the numbers are struck out , and they flash by quite quickly. My point stands ...

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