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Also resuming with the new year, the two TV fiction series rwrylsin and I are currently keeping up with, Battlestar Galactica, and Stargate:Atlantis. I'm still enjoying both series (I presume rwrylsin is too; otherwise she'd run away to her Mac :-) ), although I do have some (spoilerific) reservations.

BSG first : On the good side, they're maintaining the gritty and dark feel to it. It still feels like the human fleet is running for their lives, even if they have had a bit of a breather lately.
On the other hand, they can't stretch the current plot tricks out too much longer, I think. At some point, they have to realise that Baltar is at least loopy, and maybe a traitor. They need to find another way to detect hidden Cylons (one that actually works, and doesn't rely on ... guess who ? Baltar (see above)). The human and Cylon-who-thinks-she's-a-bit-human running around on Caprica are starting to seem pointless, too, since they haven't actually got anywhere yet.
Still, I understand it's only a 13 episode first season, so maybe things will get tied up (with room for a second season, of course) in the next few weeks.

SG:A next (note that we have only seen the first two seasons of SG-1 itself, before diving in to this spin-off series, which ties in to SG-1 somewhere in the 7th or 8th seasons; we don't seem to be missing any vital background information, though). It's been reasonably good so far. For a couple of weeks it looked like they were doing "meet a random human-related race, try to ally with them, then find some reason not to"-of-the-week, but then things got more interesting - a storm which required most of the Atlantis crew to abandon the base for a while and seek refuge with one of the other races. They found refuge, but were betrayed to the Genii (one of the previous human-like races they'd met), who promptly invaded Atlantis, killed a couple of guards and took important people hostage. Whee ! Drama and excitement ! Two-part episode ! How will they get out alive !


Well, the important people persuaded the Genii that they were actually important (to run the base, stop the storm from destroying it, etc), Sheppard ran around causing mayhem, and finally they managed to see off the threat (while carefully leaving room for more threats from the Genii in the future, of course). The episode ended there, with everyone seeming happy, so I figured in the next episode they'd focus on the new political situation a bit, and try to sort things out (you know, now that one race has come out as openly hostile to them, and another betrayed them even while offering them shelter). But no, they're gallivanting off to another planet where they run across another Wraith ship, and ... random stuff happens, but they get out of it alive.

To me, forgetting the previous week's events so easily (aka The Big Reset Button) is rather Star Trek-ish (Next Gen, that is), and not a particularly promising way to get the series moving. It was, in fact, what switched me to B5 from ST:TNG sometime during B5 S1 - I used to watch ST:TNG most weeks, and only occasionally catch B5 (because, of course, they were scheduled to run at the same time, thanks to the Australian TV networks). After a while, I realised that plot items in B5 were being continued in later episodes, and characters remembered events they'd just been through, and switched over. I never looked back, really. I know that ST:DS9 had interesting stories and whole plot arcs running through it. Unfortunately, every time I tuned in, I hit one of the Ferengi family values episodes.

(people outside the UK - the BSG mini-series and first season are worth watching; if you're in the USA, you have the power to make BSG a ratings success so they see dollar signs in front of their eyes (well, pound signs, since I believe a UK network is funding it) and make more seasons of it)

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