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The wonders of the Net ...

So, the following meme/thing has been going around :

If you would not have met your significant other/spouse etc without the internet, post this sentence in your journal.

The thing is, that sentence isn't actually true in my case. rwrylsin and I met in Sydney, at a fencing tournament. We even spoke to each other a few times - enough, at least, to exchange e-mail addresses.

However, after that, we returned to our respective homes (mine in Adelaide; hers in Foster (160km SE of Melbourne)). Then starts the bit that probably wouldn't have happened without the internet. We were very soon e-mailing each other many times a day, and within a couple of months, we realised that we had something that resembled a relationship. It was about three months after our initial meeting before we were able to meet again (I visited her in Melbourne), and we did the LDR thing for over two years.
In that time, we wrote over 1.5 million words[1].
That's ... a whole lot of words. I believe a 400-page paperback is around 100,000 words, so we could have filled 15 of those with our mailings. Anyway, without the Net, I doubt it would have happened at all, and that's where this ramble ties in to the quoted meme thingy above.

[1] And that's after excluding quoted text, many (but not all) smileys/emoticons/actions, ASCII Go boards, and anything else I could fit into a regexp. Why yes, I am a geek :-)
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