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January 16th, 2005

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01:29 am - Hmmmm ...
Well, that was interesting. Good to be back in LJland :)

Meanwhile, I finally got to the end of System Shock 2 last night. I got the game years ago (some vague memory tells me it might have been a birthday or Christmas present), and while I've started it a number of times, I've always found it hard going, even on the easy setting. Last weekend I installed it on my current machine, and started a new game - with a little bit of help. Well, more like a lot of help, in the form of various cheat codes for the game - mainly to give me a sufficient supply of ammunition, since the main problem I used to encounter in my previous attempts at the game was running out of ammunition on the infinite number of enemy creatures which are out to get you. There are a few weapons which don't need normal ammunition, either because they're a heavy object to thump opponents with (e.g. the trusty pipe wrench you find at the beginning of the game), or they use battery power - no ammo required, but they do need frequent recharging. Of course, when you're running back and forth around the level getting to/from the recharger, more enemies may have spawned, thus you use more charge up and have to go back to the recharger ... and so on. Also, those weapons don't do much damage, and when you're ambushed by a group of enemies, you can quickly lose all your health while fiddling around swapping weapons and trying to find the one with the ammunition left.
So, I look at the cheats I used as taking out the combat/FPS aspects to the game, and letting me concentrate on the plot, and finally managed to reach the end (which was quite satisfying, and had a nice little nod to the original System Shock game).
Oh well, on to the next game !
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Date:January 15th, 2005 11:06 pm (UTC)
I bought system shock 2 many years ago because I heard it was quite good (and in the same genre as deus ex) and the box said it didn't need a 3d card (which I don't have in my crummy windows games machine). It's been sitting on my shelf ever since.

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