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Snow pics from last week ...

So, here I am, finally getting around to posting some pics of the snow we had last week. Around Glasgow it all got washed away very quickly, but yesterday I went on a little drive just north of Stirling, and found quite a bit of snow still lying around - mostly quite icy by now.

First, a flower I saw in Victoria Park on Tuesday around lunchtime :
A flower in Victoria Park

More snowy goodness - click on images for larger versions.

This was taken around 1:30am Tuesday morning, when it was still snowing :
Snowy carpark behind our apartment building at night

On Tuesday morning around 9am, it was snowing again, but looking rather trampled in front of our building ...
In front of our building

... and starting to get trampled in the car park behind the building too :
Snowy car park behind our apartment building

Another view of Victoria Park. Can you spot the white dog running across the snow ?
Victoria Park, with snow

... and finally, taken on Monday night in the city, when it had been snowing for an hour or so :
A cold ride home.
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