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January 25th, 2005

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01:47 am - Sunday.
On Sunday, rwrylsin was at a sabre training session for 6 hours, in Stirling. I drove her up there, then went roaming. I headed vaguely northish (A9, A822, B827 to Comrie), past some very pretty countryside, and found patches of snow and ice still lying around in places (as I mentioned in the snow photo post, Glasgow's snow was washed away pretty quickly). At one stop on the B827, I walked along the road a bit. There were patches of ice by the sides of the road (quite large in places, not just a thin skin of ice on them, either), and where some small creeks dropped a bit before going under the road, there were lots of icicles and ice patches. On the downslope side of the road, there was a very large area of iced-over grass - quite thick in places, and covering roughly a 10x15 metre area. After that, I drove on, reached Comrie, and followed the signs to "Deil's Caldron", a quite spectacular waterfall. Almost everywhere I looked, there was something pretty or spectacular or green and mossy to see, and I ran around being generally excited by the photographic possibilities for quite a while before I slowed down enough to actually take some. Here are two of them. One view of Deil's Caldron

Another view of Deil's Caldron

I took photos with the 35mm and medium format cameras too, but it may be a while before I get around to getting them developed (and then I'd have to get around to scanning them in to post them here). Eventually it was starting to get dark (around 4:30ish), so I packed everything up and headed back to the car, and drove back to Stirling. In Stirling I went for a little walk up to the castle, took some photos of the moon (the sky actually cleared for a few minutes), and headed back to pick up rwrylsin and head home. A pleasant Sunday indeed.

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