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Testosterone Day [tm]

Well, quite the day (and a half) I've had :

Work (as normal) 9(ish) until 6ish yesterday.

Then grabbed a bite of anti-food (McD's), and Lisa picked me up to go pistol shooting.
It was, in fact, the first time I've ever fired any sort of "real" gun (i.e. not a laser-game type gun or sideshow-shooting-gallery type of gun). It was fun, in a way, but also somewhat ... disturbing. It all seemed too easy, somehow. We walked in, paid money, put on earmuffs and safety glasses, and then three of us went into the shooting range with an instructor. Each of us got to fire 42 shots - 20 with a .22 Ruger, 12 with a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver, and 10 with a Tanfoglio 9mm, and the instructor did all of the loading and unloading. All we had to do was pick up the gun (carefully!), take off the safety (for the two which had one), and pull the trigger a number of times. It worries me, in a similar way to driving on an undivided highway, where one mistake by someone else whose competence and physical & mental state are unknown could ruin my life (cue recent Melbourne story where some nutcase shot his (ex?) girlfriend while driving on the freeway, tried to kill himself, instead rammed another car from behind (possibly at 180km/h, or maybe that was just the top speed he reached. The other car burst into flames, and the man in it died - of course, he was married and a father and generally considered a worthy member of society). Someone with a gun could, from a distance, and possibly even completely unintentionally, kill me, in a way that someone with a knife or sword (I'm a fencer :-) ) couldn't as easily do.

After that, we stopped off to finish off place cards for the wedding, which took longer than expected, so we got home around 2am.

Today, got up remarkably early for a weekend day, because we had to drive to a cake shop near Lilydale (about an hour's drive from here) before midday. We made it, paid for the wedding cake and dropped off the cake ornament we want them to use.

Drove back in, and then to a shop called Mortisha's, where Lisa's wedding dress was awaiting us after some slight alterations to the hemline to make it easier to dance in.

After that, we went home, I snacked a little, then went on a bike ride, since it was a Perfect Spring Day [tm] - bluest of blue skies, not too windy, pleasant temperature (around 18-20 degrees C, I guess). I ended up doing 40km - the first 20km at about 35km/h average (wheee ! tailwind), and the last 20km took the average back down to 30km/h (29.9, actually, but who's counting :-> ) (darn headwind >:-| ). Also, after about 7km I got a puncture (probably glass or sharp metal on the road, it left quite a cut in the tyre and the tube went down very quickly), but I had a spare and got moving again (plus Extra Grease All Over!) fairly quickly.

After that I collapsed at home for a while, then snacked heavily and showered, and got ready for the next part of the day, and another wedding-related thing :

Six of us met at the house of my Best Man, Matt, and we met the seventh at our first venue for the day - "Sidetracked Entertainment Centre", which features (among other things) go-karting and Laser Force (a Zone 3 / Laser Tag / Vultrek -type game). We spent 20 minutes on the karts (wheee !), and had lots of fun (I wasn't fastest, I wasn't slowest, and I only bumped the side barrier once and only because someone else thought they saw a gap between two of us where there wasn't one really).
Then we had two games of Laser Force, one individual and one team - I had second-best score in the first, and our team lost but I top-scored for our team in the team match (mental note to self : Next time Tim is on my team :-> ).

After that, we headed off to the Pancake Parlour in Chadstone Shopping Centre for dinner - venue chosen partly because the birthday party of someone else who I'd asked to the buck's night was going to be there - I figured if he couldn't come with us, we'd go to him :) We ate, sat around a bit, and then went on ...

... to a pool hall, where I occasionally potted a ball, but mostly seemed to drag down whoever I was partnered with. Oh well, it was fun anyway. We also played a couple of video games and consumed some alcohol, but I'm not going to mention DDR.

Whew. Guns, cars, muscle, food, pool, and alcohol. I feel all male and stuff :->

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