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Am I a Time Team nut ?

Perhaps :-)
(seen in uk.media.tv.time-team, posted by "The Greebling")

You look for crop-marks whenever there's an aerial shot in a film or

Your pin-up idol is a beer-drinking West Country man with long hair and
grubby jeans who clutches a toolbox.

You keep knitting horizontally striped woolly jumpers.

You look for post holes whenever you dig the garden.

You refer to the bottom layer of the veg garden as "the natural".

Your mantra is "broken Roman pottery".

If required, you could build an Iron Age kiln and smelt iron.

You don't dig holes from roses, you put in "test pits".

You've practised flint-napping.

You can carve a chicken using home-made flint blades.

When you built your patio, you buried some broken pottery and coins to help
future archaeologists date the structure.

You don't have two flower beds, you have Trench 1 and Trench 2.

You don't dig the garden, you excavate it.

You would love to find a skeleton under the shed just so you could invite
Tony and the Team to excavate.


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