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A few days since I updated last. Haven't done much, except for Sunday. We drove to Crossford (near Dunfermline) to visit one of my cousins, for my aunt's 75th birthday. Like Boxing Day, lots of my cousins and their families there, it was a fine lunch and a fun afternoon. I'm sure we'll see them again sometime soon.

Meanwhile, I've been playing Morrowind a lot. It has flaws ... most notably the dreaded "CTD" (Crash To Desktop) - one minute you're playing the game normally, the next minute it's gone and you're staring at the Windows desktop (quicksave often). Despite that, it's still a lot of fun. I've installed a new bunch of mods for it lately, too - some to make it look better, some which add new areas and quests, and some because they're fun and silly.
(say, haloumi, did you get my recommendation for MW (back in August last year, while you were travelling the world) ?)

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