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eBay temptation - He's just this guy, you know.

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February 11th, 2005

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05:34 pm - eBay temptation
Current Mood: gigglytempted

(3 touches | En garde !)


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Date:February 11th, 2005 05:17 pm (UTC)
Ah, the memories... I actually ended up with two of the set that's shown on the first picture. Won the second set in the Swedish Lego Builder Championship back in '83...

As much fun as Lego is, I think I still prefer a nice computer system with a decent compiler :)
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Date:February 11th, 2005 08:02 pm (UTC)
Wow! That much? I had no idea, and now understand slightly more the obsessions of the likes of you and SAB.

You don't want to know just how much of the stuff my brother still has (from that era) still with original boxes yes. But mostly probably because he'll never part with it, and if he lets his son play with it, nto much will be oeft of it in another 10 years! Cya :-)
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Date:February 14th, 2005 03:32 am (UTC)
I still have very fond memories of receiving "924" for Christmas. Fun set!

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