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So, Enterprise has been cancelled. Fortunately, whoever writes all their Treknobabble has a bright future in writing beauty product ads ... nanosomes ? pro-vitamins ? pseudo-scientific gibberish of all sorts, and is there any proof that slathering this stuff on your skin can actually do anything other than leave you with goop-slathered skin ?

Meanwhile, watch out for The Cuddly Menace .

I've been trying out iRATE radio a bit. I'll quote their blurb :

iRATE radio is a collaborative filtering system for music. You rate the tracks it downloads and the server uses your ratings and other people's to guess what you'll like. The tracks are downloaded from websites which allow free and legal downloads of their music.

I've been trying to steer my ratings towards the gothy/dark/neo-(folk,classical) areas, but I suspect there aren't many artists in those styles who make their music freely available on the Net. Still, it's turned up Beth Quist , described as "electro-Balkan/Indian meets New Age" (in other words, Sheila Chandra meets Lisa Gerrard :-) ). I hope to turn up some other interesting artists this way.

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