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Round the Compass again ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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February 24th, 2005

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10:33 pm - Round the Compass again ...
andrewducker is doing a little poll about where people sit on the Political Compass . I re-did the test, since I couldn't remember exactly what I got last time. I scored around -2.8 L/R / -4.3, but what's interesting is how little my scores have changed since I first did that test (can't remember when, but possibly a couple of years ago). There's a little drift leftward and Libertarianward, but less than a point either way. It would be interesting to have been able to do this every 5 or so years, from ago 10 onwards, and see how it changes over time. For me, at least, it would contradict an old saying about how people's political tendencies change from young to old(er) (which I can't remember - not even enough of it to trigger Google for me - anyone know the one I mean ?).
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