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Sorry, it's a meme.

The "10 things I've done and you (probably) haven't" meme.

This is tricky, since for the last 9 or so years most of the cool stuff I've done has been in the company of rwrylsin.
However, I do have a few :

1. I've raced on a velodrome against a Commonwealth gold medallist.
2. I've beaten a former World Champion in a fencing bout.
3. The first two times I encountered snow were on a mountain named Ben Lomond in mid-summer in Tasmania (7 years apart).
4. Been adopted (and met all of my parents).
5. Been to Legoland in Billund Denmark, and the one in Windsor, UK.
6. Proposed a new Usenet newsgroup (Big 8), and ran the discussions and vote-taking.
7. Moved from Adelaide to Melbourne to be with my girlfiend after two years of long-distane relationship.
8. Lived in Thevenard, South Australia.
9. Attended a complete season of 10 concerts by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.
10. Juggled 7 balls (i.e. at least 14 catches).

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