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Ow. *yawn*

... and thus I've survived another week. I started the week with a serious sleep deficit from Redemption, and never quite recovered. We didn't get to Edinburgh for fencing on Tuesday night, nor the gym on Wednesday. Did fence last night, and went to the gym tonight because we were booked in to get our exercise plan reviewed. Now I'll be doing bench presses and squats and random machines and things, and if every session is like tonight's I'll walk stagger away barely able to lift my arms or move my legs. I'm sure it's all good for me (and my fencing) in the end.
I've just about kept up with reading LJ, but I still haven't written my con report, nor have I replied to some e-mail that I really should reply to. Tomorrow, for sure ... after about 12 hours sleep, I hope.

(meanwhile, I'm with rwrylsin in the Scottish Cell of resistance to drplokta's takeover of the world :-) )

Photo of a local small grocery store

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