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Another week survived ...

As haloumi noted earlier, TinyTIM (foof.yay.org 5440) is 15 years old. That's quite disturbing, because I started playing TIM late in 1990, when it was 8 or 9 months old, and over the years I've spent many (many!) hours there.

Meanwhile, another week of work has passed. This week featured my first payday in the new job, and rwrylsin's a couple of days later, so the bank account is finally looking healthy. Now to start spending saving (well, maybe a little bit of spending, like the CDs I ordered, and the adaptor so that my scanner can deal with the medium format negatives, and ... ).

This coming weekend will, with luck, be very quiet, so that we can recharge our batteries and rwrylsin can get over her cold/flu/thing for next weekend, which will be quite insane (640 miles of driving, 3 days of Eastercon, and a fencing competition; not neccessarily in that order).

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