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Food for Eastercon ...

Well, I seem to have a slightly less incandescant temperature (36.9 / 98.4 last time I checked - practically normal!), and some hint of humanity is returning (now awaiting balance and energy).

Meanwhile, tomorrow we head to Eastercon.

One of the reasons I know I've got the flu rather than just a cold, apart from the lack of energy and the two days of fever, is that I lost most of my appetite. This is rare and unusual for me - when I have a cold, while I run through the usual range of symptoms, I still eat as normal, and I still have almost the normal amount of energy (I can't do anything foolish like fence or run or make demands on my respiratory system, but I have reasonable energy levels).

Anyway, part of the crazy plans that rwrylsin and I have involve heading to Birmingham on Sunday for a fencing tournament (assuming we feel up to it in any way). For that to work at all, I'll need to be well-fed. Unfortunately, my ideas of well-fed differ from most peoples. Basically, put a plate with a large pile of chips or crisply roasted potatoes and some sort of cooked meat on it, and I'll be happy [1]. Unfortunately the Hanover Hinckley Island International Oasis Hotel thingy doesn't have exactly what I want on their menu, or at least they didn't at the Redemption or Discworld Cons (the carvery option, at £21 per head, seems rather over-priced).

So - where can a fellow like me go, within easy driving range of the Hotel, to get the sort of meal I want ?

[1] Unlike ... well, lots of people, I am not a foodie of any sort. It's not that I don't get pleasure from eating, I get quite a lot of it - I just don't like the variety of foods that "you lot" eat. This also makes going out to eat with others interesting, as I often start by saying "well, I'm a fussy eater". They'll then guess at vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, Halal, and possibly turnip-fetishist before I get around to admitting "no, meat and three veg. Hold two of the veg".

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